Lorraine offers guidance in translating the particles of existence by giving voice to the poetic expressions of the soul.

Lorraine Antine LCSW, LCADC, is a New Jersey state licensed Clinical Psychotherapist and a licensed Alcohol & Drug Recovery Counselor, who holds a master’s degree from New York University.

Lorraine has more than 25 years of experience in the Field of Complementary and Alternative Health, holding extensive 
post-master’s certifications in:

  • Somatic Trauma Resolution
  • EMDR
  • Family Constellations
  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
  • Profession Level Yoga Teaching
  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Holistic Life Coaching
  • Body-centered Psychotherapy
  • Holistic Health Practices
  • Reiki & Energy Balancing
  • Depth Psychology

In her private practice, Lorraine focuses on integrating both holistic and clinical psychotherapy approaches to healing. She offers a unique perspective on treatments, which is further enhanced by intuitive guidance. While her work has many wonderful influences, she credits some as being seen in the teachings of Buddhism, Meditation, and Shamanism, among others. She has been acknowledged by the American Association of Integrative Medicine for proficiency and high achievement in the field of integrative healthcare and has also been accepted into membership as a Diplomate of the College of Behavioral Health.

Lorraine brings all sensibility to her work while offering a safe space for everyone to heal. As one of her clients’ states, "She has the gifted ability and wisdom to channel the human's subtle energy and direct it where it is most needed."

Lorraine’s Story:

I smile when remembering a segment of the spiritual seeker I quickly became in early adolescence. I would ask older friends for rides to yet another religious group so I could interview its members to see if there was a fit for me. Although, not really knowing how “a fit” would feel, I somehow imagined a flash of light would descend and I would know that was it! 

I mostly felt that I was on a long journey, seeking something I couldn’t quite describe by using the words in my vocabulary at the time. Yet, there was an inner knowing from the “Little Me”, the same “little me” who wanted to be a psychologist long before she knew the correct spelling or what was involved in that profession.

 The route to the realization of this childhood dream took many twists and turns, with life experiences bringing actions that turned me away from realizing this destination. An early arrival of a traditional family with children brought a focus of the heart and mind that wasn’t originally aspired to. Inherent within this segment of life were traumatic experiences which both impeded and accelerated the original professional desire, by encouraging the emerging "wounded healer “to seek to heal.

Soon followed immersions into multiple studies and learning programs that required deep personal involvement and introspective transformational process work, while simultaneously embodying the principles and practices of these approaches to healing.  

A commitment was established and is honored to this day. I remain committed to finding 
light for this journey by planting the seeds of spiritual evolution deeply into the soil of my existence.

To learn more about Lorraine's practice, please visit www.holisticintegrativetherapies.net

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