Client Testimonials 


“When in desperation I sought help from Lorraine Antine. I was a serious mess. In addition to extreme depression, anger, anxiety and insomnia, I had addictions to alcohol and pot. I was in dangerously poor health and believed I would not have lived long had I not begun treatment. I did not really believe it was possible for dramatic change to occur, but I was dedicated to trying to live a fuller life. I overcame my ambivalence enough to work hard on myself. Never did I expect a totally new view of my life and my role in the world would emerge. I have restored my physical health and my emotional and spiritual selves have experienced a rebirth. I am free from the creeping despair that pervaded my existence despite the fact that I appeared functional. I credit Lorraine's unique gifts and skillful techniques for the complete transformation in my internal and external experiences. I used to feel deeply alone and now I can find comfort in knowing I am an integral part of an expansive reality.”

Susanne N.
Retired English Teacher

“I have reviewed and reread past comments by those lucky enough to have found you and feel my words come up short in my expression of gratitude for the difference you have made in my life. Each thread causes me to think back and reflect on past therapy much of which I found painful and hard work. With you, the healing has been gentle and in many ways miraculous washing over me as I observe changes in my relationships simple and profound. Shifts I never dreamed possible in this lifetime. Joy sapping reactions I all but accepted as part of the deep wounds of my past, now seem mutable. I am hopeful that a fuller life awaits me. 

Irene A.

“I survived what has been described as severe emotional abuse as a child and in some of my relationships as an adult. For a long time, I knew I needed help and would often start the process of looking for a therapist, when thoughts of the stigma attached to mental health issues and the fear of something unfamiliar would hold me back. It was not until the collapse of my marriage and other significant losses that I found myself in a place where I had no choice but to finally seek out and commit to the therapy I needed.

I discovered that I struggled with compulsive thoughts that would trigger me again and again, even at times when nothing was happening. Though those thoughts were the result of events and feelings I had experienced in the past, they would also contribute to the amplification and distortion of current situations,
  events, and feelings and compound my suffering. This led me to distrust myself and my instincts and rely on other people who might not have cared about what was in my best interest. It was mental torture and a vicious cycle of behaviors and relationships.

While applying approaches and methods in this program, Lorraine and 
were able to uncover exactly what was triggering me, look at it for what it really was and address it in a constructive manner. The transformation came when I realized that I could be in control of my thoughts and feelings and the way I reacted to life in both the personal and professional realms. I no longer give myself away to traumas and other people. I am freed from the prison of compulsive thoughts and overreactions. I own myself and believe there is no greater possession.”


"I was guided to this work after having reached out to different branches of the medical field. I was in a very dark place within myself. I felt weak, desperate and helpless. I was in a constant state of confusion. I was consumed by anxiety and fear. I had shut down. I was depressed. I feel blessed and eternally grateful for Lorraine, with her patience and compassion she has guided me back to inner strength and peace. I am now experiencing awareness and clarity with an open heart. I feel whole again. I have received physical and spiritual healing. I'm on the path to the recovery of my true self. Lorraine is a truly gifted therapist/healer/guide. The Program she created has allowed her patients to reach a level of well-being with which they can feel a newly found joy developing within themselves as they grow and evolve. It is a complete transformation!!"


“I want to continue this work regularly because I am amazed and grateful for the changes I am feeling. I'm not even thinking them. I am actually just feeling different. It's like I am still me but my molecules rearranged. Thank you for your help and guidance.”


"When I started seeing Lorraine about one year ago I was skeptical anyone could help me with the intense anxiety and depression I had since I had been in extended therapy years ago. To my amazement, I have experienced transformations I never imagined. Early trauma has been healed and my visions of my self, my family, and the world are clearly fresh and new. I am experiencing a form an awareness that is enlivening my mind, rejuvenating my body and opening my soul. Everything feels so different in a short time."


"Lorraine Antine is the most gifted therapist I have ever encountered, She took me with my rather serious trauma history that had not been amenable to deep healing, and gave me both hope and relief from suffering. Of the possible treatment modalities of which I am aware, Lorraine seamlessly flows toward the ones best suited for my healing and I have experienced recovery in areas that I had no idea were shut down and deadened. I am blessed to know her, and I recommend her with great enthusiasm."


"I have been involved in Lorraine’s Program and it truly is a care of the soul and mind. She has been able to reach root causes of long-entrenched feelings and behaviors that were detrimental to my growth as a human being. Her program has taken me to a much higher plane than conventional therapy... Thank you."

Mark P. 

 "I've worked with Lorraine for a number of years. Originally Phoenix Rising was the therapy method we started with and I was curious about. After our first session, I knew I was with the right therapist and I was ready to do a little work on myself. Little did I know, I was about to experience the most devastating situation in my life and Lorraine was going to be there for me every step of the way. Our sessions evolved into more holistic psychotherapy sessions during that time. Along the way she added a variety of these really helpful methods she has trained in, but also she innately had inside of her. I sometimes tried to protect the issues I was dealing with. I did this every so often. But I couldn't get anything passed her and sometimes this made me so mad. Ultimately I found that she knew me better than I knew myself and was just simply trying to get to the heart of the matter. For this I thank her. Many years later I reluctantly tried one of her Constellation Matrix workshops. I was reluctant because I felt uncomfortable exposing myself emotionally within a group of people. After the first workshop, I realized these people were so supportive and I wanted to support them as well. The work is very powerful but it's a bit complex to explain briefly. I will say that what we do in these workshops heal us directly as well as members of our family-past, present and future! I can see the positive changes and healing in me, around me and with my family although they have never worked or been open to working with Lorraine or any other therapist. As I look back at these years I understand where I was, what I lacked and what I've gained. I had one experience after another crash down on me and couldn't understand why or how I was going to get through them. Step by step we started building ME up and I feel awesome now. I feel like even when "things" happen or the Universe might be testing me, the moment of dread is brief and I can resolve the situation. What once felt very heavy to me, now feels mildly annoying or temporarily stressful. I feel Light."
Kerry F.

"Eight years ago, during a time of great transition in my life, I found myself searching... for what, I could not say. All I knew was that the carefully crafted life I had built for myself felt increasingly inauthentic and unmanageable, and I was both emotionally and physically depleted. A friend suggested a week-long workshop/ retreat being led by Lorraine Antine, and my decision to go has changed the course of my life. On the very first day, in an exercise Lorraine designed to explore archetypes, I randomly selected a card. “Wounded child” it said. Like the proverbial punch to the gut, and in a moment of long avoided recognition, I saw my true self. In that moment, I knew that these deeply wounded places, once seen, were ready to begin the journey toward healing, and I also knew that Lorraine was to be my healer and guide. Over these last eight years, Lorraine has held the deepest of my vulnerabilities, the darkest of my childhood trauma, and she has employed her vast knowledge and experience to co-create an environment of deep healing. Lorraine is a gifted healer, utilizing a vast array of healing modalities, always exactly right for my circumstances and my readiness. As these traumas are healed, I experience a greater ease and peace in my life and in my heart. This is the journey of a lifetime, and I am exceedingly grateful to be on the healing path with Lorraine."

Rosemary D. 

"For many years I have been in and out of classes, retreats, workshops and programs where I was certain I would find my “true self”. I hungrily devoured anything that I felt was bringing me some kind of peace and/or discovery of myself and what I wanted in life. I had fears of putting myself out there in life and anxiety that I couldn’t identify. I chalked it up to it just being my nature and there was nothing to be done. One of these workshops or yoga classes was bound to change me and everything would fall into place. Yet my same coping mechanisms, behaviors to control my “safe” environment and somatic symptoms persisted. I was riddled with migraines, stomach issues and anxious thoughts. No amount of yoga, organic food or willingness was changing this. Through this Program with Lorraine Antine I am beginning to uncover the patterns I put in place to cover up what is already in me and always has been. I am understanding, beyond a doubt, it is an uncovering of what is already inherent in me and not something I need to seek out. Only now have I been able to understand the things I was choosing in my life, the patterns & defenses I put in place and what I thought they did for me. Once that was made conscious I was able to then understand how those choices made me feel the way I felt emotionally and physically. The migraines have reduced drastically, the anxiety is a very rare visitor. The things that triggered me before do not anymore. My coping mechanisms to turn the car around when headed down that road are healthier and lasting. The best part is this work requires no homework or effort beyond showing up. The transformations just take place. From time to time in my life I would get this feeling of badly missing a place that I have been, or lived, or visited but this place didn’t really exist. I couldn’t explain what exactly I was missing but the hole was there. I now understand that this is that “true self” that I was searching for and I am grateful to Lorraine for leading me there."

April B. 

"Whatever LORRAINE ANTINE has done with me over years has been hard to describe. Miraculous? Subtle? Loving? Reparenting me? I'm not sure how I would describe her methodology, except to say that her manual will contain the "how to" of her incredible approach. I came to her by accident, looking for bodywork. I was seeing another therapist who kept falling asleep during our sessions. When I asked Lorraine if this was "supposed" to happen, she was speechless. By then I had experienced her holistic methods and realized that I had found my special healer. My life situation had been complicated by a mentally ill parent, sadistic in-laws, mentally ill and institutionalized step-child who libeled me and caused me to be excluded, two bouts of cancer at the same time with a near-fatal infection in between, my husband's injury in 2014 and ultimate death in 2016. My friends kept telling me I was "living the life of Job." Yet now in 2018 I am happier, calmer, more understanding of self and world. Lorraine worked gently, ceaselessly, pushing when I needed it, supportive when I feared I'd die. In my own book I heralded her as my "spiritual guide." How she did all of this is beyond me. But not for you. I recommend this manual to anyone who deals with the difficult human situation. And I owe Lorraine my life." 

Lynne D. Feldman, MA, JD

Author of Integral Healing

"Nevertheless, she persisted"

"I’ve been working with Lorraine Antine for a number of years now. Together we have been able to reverse the effects of my severely traumatic childhood. The physical and mental abuse that was inflicted upon me as a child was manifesting itself in my adulthood. Self medicating, abusive work and personal relationships seemed to be a perfectly natural way for me to live my life. But I was in constant emotional and physical pain leading to severe illness. I was in agony. In this work I have been shown that as an adult, I have been perpetuating the abuse that was surrounding and consuming me as a child. This work can be difficult at times. Embracing the knowledge that I no longer could place blame for my stuff on others and that the power to heal myself was in my handswas not an easy concept to accept, yet with her help- I have. I am constantly surprised about how wonderful the people in my life now are. I am not feeling as if I am that shut off victim that walked in her door years ago. Today I am a well-respectedbusinessman in NYC in a loving relationship as well. Thank you Lorraine. See you Monday we’ve still got some work to do."


"I was feeling desperate, hopeless, depressed, emotionally & physically sick. I went to the doctors and after some tests, was told there was nothing wrong. Yet I was in a permanent state of confusion, weak, shaky, without any clarity. I was under 90 lbs. I had lost a lot of weight and most muscle mass. When I was guided to Lorraine I did not know what to expect or how she would help me. Now I wonder, what would have become of me if this didn't happen? After some time in therapy, it was discovered that at a very young age, I began to disassociate, to cope with my emotions and fears. It was my form of protection, survival. As I continued to work with Lorraine, I realized this disorder which once helped me, began to make me sick. I recognize the symptoms of dissociation and felt the harmful effect it on had on me. I lived out of my body most of my life and unaware of it. I was imprisoned by fears. I felt unsafe, anxious, unworthy, guilt, insignificant, blame. Lorraine with patience and understanding allowed me to feel safe and get to the root of my childhood traumas, heal these wounds and many beliefs I had created. I am now able to feel my own presence, cope with my own fears and emotions without escaping. 

Through this work I have embodied many virtues, courage, trust, compassion... I have experienced miracles during my sessions. I am deeply touched and grateful by the healings each time. It has been a long recovery because of the severity of my state of being. We have achieved what most doctors would consider impossible. I now live enjoying the feeling of my own presence and inner strength. Lorraine has guided me to to recover every aspect of my being, my true self. I am immensely thankful."